Throat Belle Tea

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Throat Belle Tea helps to purify the lungs and moisturise the throat, to improve throat discomfort and hoarseness.  Luo Han Guo (buddha fruit) and Pang Da Hai (malva nuts) both taste sweet and are cold in nature, with similar effects.  Drinking together with honey dates, it also lubricates the intestines and eases constipation.


  • Luo Han Guo (buddha fruit) relieves cough and removes phlegm.
  • Pang Da Hai (malva nuts) expels heat and moisturises the throat.
  • Honey dates can tonify the lungs and sooth dryness.


  • Luo Han Guo (25.35 Kcal)
  • Pang Da Hai (192.6 Kcal)
  • Honey dates (19.11 Kcal)

Capacity: 700 ml

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